Emergent Payments

Go Further: Go Local

  • A trusted payment gateway solution for digital merchants.
  • Emergent Payments has developed a robust payment gateway to facilitate deep market reach for merchants

Benefits of using Emergent Payments

Emergent Payments is the safest and most convenient way for merchants to get paid and for customers to make payments

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  • Grow your customer base and improve sales by receiving payments through local and international payment channels
  • Operate in a paperless environment and reduce loss through instances such as theft, fire, and flooding
  • Receive payments 24/7 from your customers all around the world
  • Receive instant notification when a payment is made
  • Have real time access to your transaction history and track and reconcile all payments
  • Customize your Emergent Payments dashboard with features such as the ability to broadcast notices of discounts and sales, new products, and new services


  • Pay your fees, bills, and invoices instantly and securely anytime and anywhere
  • Reduce the risk of using cash and of exposing your bank account when it comes to making payments
  • Have real time access to a transaction history to help you track all your payments
  • Top up your Emergent Payments wallet from anytime and from anywhere
  • Bank accounts not exposed
  • Be the first to know when your merchant makes an announcement such as a massive sale or discount