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Mobile Payments & Collections

Our mobile collections service allows merchants to receive payments from their customers. We provide online and offline solutions which enable collections from mobile money wallets and bank accounts.

Collections can be done through a Direct Debit service, where customers receive a payment prompt to approve a transaction by entering their mobile money PIN. Merchants can also acquire a personalized USSD code which customers can dial to make payments. Additionally, customers can interact with the merchant’s business via the USSD code.

Web Payments

Customers can visit your website and make payment via card and mobile money instruments at checkout. Our Web Point of Sale (POS) solution, alternatively, enables merchants to send electronic invoices to customers via email. The electronic invoices are sent in the form of a URL link and customers are required to make payments via the URL link.

Custom-Made Applications

We deliver case-by-case solutions and provide 24/7 support that are specific to your business needs. We consider payment processes of merchants and develop a tailor-made collections solution that is unique to your operations.


Merchants are able to disburse payments seamlessly to their clients with this solution. Payments can be done via a portal which supports upload of payments or automated through API integrations.

Bulk SMS

We support SMS delivery across all Telcos in Ghana. The solution supports 2 way communication and automated SMS which can be utilized for alerts, marketing channels and reminders. The 2-way communication system allows a merchant to send and receive SMS to and from their customers. The customers respond with a simple answer which is usually a yes/no or 1/2. Merchants usually use this method to receive feedback directly from their customers without having to call them.

Customers can receive payment requests via SMS and once a payment request is responded to, they then receive a prompt to enter their mobile money PIN to validate the transaction.