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Agency Banking

Emergent Payments can deploy proprietary solutions to banking agents who have been contracted by a commercial bank to provide a variety of services on behalf of the bank. These solutions enable financially under-served people to have access to financial services at a location close to them, thereby breaking down cost and accessibility barriers to financial inclusion. Customers are able to carry out banking activities such as cash withdrawal, bills payment, cash deposits, funds transfer, account opening, loan applications, and mobile money services.

Mobile and Web Banking

Our mobile and web app banking solution allows customers perform banking operations and transactions from a mobile phone application or web portal. These transactions include utility bill payments, subscription fee payments, airtime and mobile data top-ups, account opening, checking bank statements and cash outs from bank account to mobile money wallet.

IVR Enabled Payments

This is an automated telephony system that interacts with customers to facilitate payment in the dialect of their choice. Customers call or receives a call from a dedicated phone number and are guided by prerecorded responses on how to make payments.

Social Media Payments

Emergent Payments has started rolling out payment capabilities on Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp that enable online purchasing and mobile data and airtime recharger directly from a customer’s Facebook Messenger account profile or Whatsapp. The solution is supported by 2-way communication where customers can respond to messages and prompts to interact with businesses and make purchases at their convenience.

POS Devices

Our Point of Sale (POS) devices enable merchants send invoices to customers to make payment from their mobile money wallets. The software on these devices are tailored per customer requirements. A receipt is generated at the end of any transaction.